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Northwest Side Broken Windows

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – Some people on the Northwest side of Cedar Rapids woke up to headache this morning. People are investigating several reports of “Criminal Mischief” on the streets surrounding Ellis Boulevard.

All of that damage appears to be from last night.

On the Northwest side, it’s the norm to park your car on the street at night. That made it extremely easy for window after window to be smashed, causing damage all over and costing a lot of people a lot of money.

"Well the car was parked right here, facing that way,” said Zach Kuhl, who’s Cadillac was damaged last night.

Zach says he woke up this morning to his car’s back window in pieces, setting his back about $300. He says nothing was stolen.

"I don't have a lot of money, I have some but I have enough to get this car but I don't have a garage so how do I protect this car now?” asked Kuhl.

Two blocks away, a pick-up truck had its windshield broken. The owner says it’ll cost him about $400-$500.

Around the corner, before Mike Jacobus will make his first car payment, he thinks he is going to shell out about $500 for a new windshield.

"It's brand new, bought it three weeks ago,” said Jacobus.

He’ll also need some more for a new paint job and he’s already spent $650 on security cameras for his yard and the alley behind his house.

"So now I just want to be able to have proof when somebody does something to my vehicle maybe they'll have a better chance of catching the person down the road or maybe it'll stop the next person from getting it done if we got somebody on camera,” said Jacobus.

He says police officer told him there were about 10 broken windows like the three we found today. Police confirm that they are looking into several similar complaints.

John Stone Cooper says with fewer homes in the area after the flood, "In my opinion, the police feel that this is not really a high priority neighborhood because there's not a high population over here anymore,” said Cooper.

He says he and his neighbors are answering back with more communication, making sure they pay attention to what is usually on their streets, and more importantly, what isn’t.

"We try to make sure that we don't have any trouble going on in the neighborhood,” said Cooper.

Aggie Doyle is the President of the Northwest Neighborhood Association. She says police protection on the streets is actually great, and that her association gets information from the Police Department each month about calls they’ve responded to nearby. But she can come together with John on the need for more community awareness, and that keeping property safe doesn’t start with the police.

"They can tell us what to do, they can be our back up, but they can't do our job for us,” said Doyle.

The grand total for the damage that we found today was about $2,300, not including those security cameras, and that’s just a fraction of what got broken last night.
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