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Your Thoughts On Pay For Play

IOWA CITY, IA – (CBS2/FOX28)  Just two weeks before the start of the college football season a federal judge ruled university athletes have the right to sell their name and likeness, including autographed pictures, for a profit. 

The practice has been in direct violation of NCAA rules, as you may remember from the half game suspension levied against quarterback Johnny Manziel last year after accusations he sold thousands of dollars in autographs.

Supporters of the change say star football and basketball players should receive some compensation after risking injury to bring millions of dollars in ticket and merchandise sales to their schools.  Opponents say the athletes are already well compensated with a pathway to a lucrative NFL or NBA career. 

As many families spent their afternoon posing with Herky statues on the Pedestrian Mall in Iowa City, some offered their thoughts on what’s become known as ‘Pay for Play.’  Mike says it’s about time someone stood up for the athletes, “ I just think if it’s their own name they should be able to make a profit out of it and who can tell them otherwise.” 

Erin says her feelings on the issue are even stronger and contends the player and college relationship is very lopsided, “ I think a lot of athletes actually get exploited so I think they have the right to do what they want with their autographs or memorabilia whatever. “

On the other side of the debate, Ray says it makes no sense for athletes to demand cash since they’re already receiving what other students on campus value the most, “ You’re getting a free education for four years.  So capitalize on that much and then worry about professionalism after that. “ 

On our Facebook page, Cameron agrees, “ Nope, it’s a bad idea.  Living in a college town I know full well how spoiled these athletes are.  They’re already getting a free education.”  But Dean writes that it’s time for the change and takes it one step farther, “ They should be paid.  They already are anyway, one way or the other. The only problem with that is the richest schools will have the best teams. “

Back on the Iowa City Ped Mall, Evan says he’s been involved in college sports and allowing athletes to sell their name or likeness, with profits going to a trust fund, seems reasonable, “ I did it my freshman year and I mean, basically it’s a second job, you don’t have time for anything else.  I know they’re basically getting their college paid for a lot of times, but it’s still expensive to go to college even if you do have a full-ride scholarship. “ 
Colleges and the NCAA are expected to appeal the latest ruling, but we’re always curious to hear your thoughts.  You can get involved in the debate right now on our Facebook page.  You will find the link at the bottom of this page.


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