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Road Trippin' National Mustard Museum

MADISON, WI – (CBS2/FOX28)  In the words of one visitor, who maybe sums it up the best,  “ I didn’t even know this was a thing!”  The National Mustard Museum is indeed a thing and while it will send you away laughing, it’s no joke.  The museum is the dream of frustrated Red Socks fan Barry Levenson, who says when his beloved Boston team blew the World Series in 1986, he couldn’t sleep and ended up at the local supermarket where the mustard jars whispered to him, “If you build it, they will come.”  The rest is Madison Mustard Museum history.  Visitors can see jars of nearly 6,000 mustards from around the world stacked floor to ceiling. There’s art work on historic dry mustard tins, examples of mustards for medicinal use, such as the plasters they still use in Russia and you can pick up a bright mustard sweatshirt from the most respected university in town, POUPON U.  Barry is the first to admit it’s supposed to be a museum with a sense of humor and very much tongue in cheek. In the tasting room you can sample more than 400 mustards for sale, some of which will leave you with your tongue hanging out.  Barry’s wife Patti warns visitors the horseradish and mustard oil blend will clear your sinuses.  But there are others you can just imagine on a great burger, like the truffle mustard and some blends that are so smooth they taste almost sweet. The only way you won’t have a great time at the National Mustard Museum is if you mention that you love ketchup on your hotdogs. That will either lead to a lecture to change your ways or Barry will lead you out the door. Grab a brat, maybe a little sauerkraut and take it to the mecca of mustard.  It’s a great time and a must stop on our ROAD TRIPPIN’ adventure to Madison!  
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