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Candlelight Vigil for Logan Blake

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- A community continues to mourn a young life lost too soon. The search for 17 year old Logan Blake came to a tragic end Tuesday. His body was found in the Cedar Lake after he was sucked in through a storm drain.

Flames flickering in the Wednesday evening sky were all that remained to represent a life prematurely extinguished.

Somebody told me today he's probably teaching the angels to play Frisbee in heaven today...and that's exactly what he's doing, says Logans mother Candice Blake. 

Family and friends went back to the drain where the heartbreak began, honoring his memory.

We should not mourn the loss of great menwe should be honored that we had the privilege to walk among them, says Logans friend Ethan Cross. He was one of those people I would be honored that I got the chance to walk among him.

Logan was playing near Arthur Elementary with friends on Monday. When he went to retrieve a Frisbee that landed near this storm drainage pipe, the sheer force of the flow vacuumed him in.

All the people gathered here together, I'm feeling a little less sad with everyone's love and support here, says Emilee Pettit, another one of Logans friends.

Days of reflection have led to questions. Already, a petition has been started by some residents, demanding that grates be placed on pipes around the city.

The city says when it comes to placing grates, it's a case by case situation.

Depending on the size of the structure, depending on the flow rates through a structure is and access to them, there are conditions where some do and some don't have grates on them, says Craig Hanson, with Cedar Rapids Public Works. 

Hanson says the structure by Arthur would be classified as a culvert, and as a general rule -

You don't put grates on culverts on many of the locations around the city or the U.S.

There are other things you can do however - including signing and fencing - which this culvert didn't have. Hanson says it's all under review.

Depending on each of the spots in the city, we'll look at what is the right mitigation for each of those locations.

One of Logans relatives says despite the horrible way he died, he wants the community to remember how he lived. Funeral services for Logan will take place at 10 am this Saturday.
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