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Your Thoughts Immigration Reform

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  Immigration reform is one of the most hotly debated issues of our time and the recent influx of thousands of children illegally crossing the Mexican border into the United States may force congress to act.

In the meantime some lawmakers are demanding those children immediately be deported to discourage others from making the same journey. Others say its a clear indication its time for lawmakers to get off their soapboxes and get to work. Some conservatives have even accused the White House of orchestrating the flood of illegal immigrant children to force the issue. 

On a hot summer afternoon in Iowa City we asked those walking the Ped Mall for their thoughts.  Marla says in the United States you dont just turn your back, especially on children,   I imagine that they are pretty desperate.  This is a very welcoming country .. weve welcomed all kinds of immigrants for hundreds of years so I would say how can we find a way to welcome these kids that helps them and helps us.

Some told us they place the blame on Mexico for failing to crackdown on the southern side of the border and punish the so called coyotes who guide illegal immigrants to the border for a price.  But Kathy says once theyre in the United States you cant just deport kids who are clearly trying to escape a horrible situation,  Anybody that can get on the top of a train and come all the way to this country has a real desire .. so how can we throw these people away.  

But on our Facebook page many of you say enough is enough.  Shawn writes, Send them back.  We have enough problems feeding and housing our own citizens.  Laurie says, Return to sender.   Darick posts, People like to play the, Were all technically illegal immigrants, so what gives us the right to deny others card. It sounds harsh, but they didnt have the power to stop us back then, but we have the power to stop this. Jeremy says, I think the best thing to do is bus them all to the richest city in the USA .. Washington DC. But Ginger writes, Im shocked at so many saying send them back! What if your ancestors had been sent back. Do you have any idea what kind of life you may have.

Back in Iowa City Senetibeb says sending illegal immigrants home is not the answer, you might deport ten thousand people but theres sixty thousand that are trying to come.  

She went through a lengthy process to legally immigrate from Ethiopia ten years ago.  She says whats happening on the U.S. Mexico border right now shows the system needs improvements and that threatening to deport immigrants doesnt scare anyone,  But still people are thinking, you know, its still the land of freedom and opportunity.  Theyre going to come anyway .  

We always want to hear your thoughts and you can share your opinions on immigration reform right now on our Facebook page.  You can find the link at the bottom of this page.


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