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Jump In or Stay Out of Israel

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  Secretary of State John Kerry condemned the rocket attacks launched from Gaza Sunday and offered help from the United States with any kind of peace or ceasefire agreement.

But a growing number of people say the hope for peace in the Middle East has become a laughable concept and the U.S. shouldnt even get involved in a tangential way.  As of Sunday afternoon the death toll in Gaza stood at 170 following Israeli airstrikes and Israel boasted it has destroyed most of 800 rockets from Gaza with its Iron Dome defense system.

It leaves Washington in a familiar quandary. For the fourth time in recent months, following Libya, Syria and Iraq, the violence leaves the White House to decide how to respond. On Iowa Citys Ped Mall we asked if the United States should do more to help in the conflict between Israel and Palestine?

Bill says he is a strong believer in defending and protecting Israel, but beyond that he questions the logic, I dont know if well ever have peace over there no matter what happens or what we do. I dont think theres anything we can possibly do to bring them peace.

Amy says the idea seems pointless because any action toward the  peace process needs to start with those who are at war,   People need to change their opinions and their minds before they can change the war.  

On our Facebook page, Rochelle writes, This has been going on for thousands of years.  Us getting involved is not going to make anything better.   Janice posts, We cant save the world .. stay out of it.

Referring to criticism that the current administration has abandon the concern for Israel held by many past presidents, Krista says, Obama has already managed to alienate one of our strongest allies.  I dont think he will bother or cares to help now.   Bob writes,  Israel has enough military might to end this once and for all.  They just need to do it.   And finally, in reference to Jesus and bible prophecy,  Kaycee posts, HE is coming back, for sure.  

Back on the Ped Mall, Mikhail stops during a walk with her dog to say she has very mixed emotions about the United States being involved in any other conflicts in the Middle East.  She says her two brothers are both in the military and that worries her, but she adds that if we are supposed to be a world leader, we should lead, I think it would be helpful if we did get involved and helped them out as much as we can since were a powerful country and can do so.   

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