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Maybe Time for Firing Squad

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  The execution of convicted murderer Joseph Wood took so long his attorneys had time to run out of the room and file an appeal to stop it while their client was dying.

The Wednesday death sentence in Arizona took nearly two hours, 90 minutes of which some described as being like watching a fish on shore gasping for breath.  Even pro capital punishment Senator John McCain called it torture. 

While family members of the two people Wood savagely killed say his suffering was nothing compared to their loved ones, the second botched execution in recent months has prompted critics to demand changes.  On a sunny afternoon in Noelridge Park, we asked if its time to return to the quick death of firing squads or commute all death sentences to life in prison? 

Greg says what happened is alarming, but hes in favor of the death penalty and just cant  understand why the prison system cant get it right, People can operate with anesthesia without any problems, you would think they would be able to use drugs effectively to put someone to death .
On our Facebook page, many viewers took a hard line on the issue.  Dave writes, He is dead, execution was successful. The two people he murdered had nobody looking out for them. 

Diane posts, Sorry, this man did not suffer enough.  Dale says I know this may sound barbaric, but in cases like this and child molestation, I feel that public hanging should be re-introduced.

Nikki writes, Im all for firing squads and not having them wait years to finally be executed.   Jacob says, Lets see, a 50 cent bullet or thousands for life in prison, I always order off the dollar menu.

But Nora says, Nobody should have to suffer.  

Back in Noelridge Park, Kristen spent the afternoon with two precious lives of her own, pushing them on the swings.  She says shes not sure about alternatives to lethal injection, she just knows there are crimes so horrible that execution needs to be an option, I definitely think capital punishment is there for a reason.  Somebody who can murder two people in cold blood, if our judiciary system has found him guilty for those kinds of crimes, then thats what he deserves.

Utah carried out the last execution by firing squad four years ago, but some states are looking at bringing the five anonymous shooters back as an alternative.  We always want to hear your thoughts on the issues of the day.  You can share your opinion on this topic right now on our Facebook.  The link is at the bottom of this page.

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