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Your Best Advice From Mom

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -  Clair Huxtable told husband Cliff that when Rudy turned 13 she thought they should run away from home. Carol Brady had her hands full with her bunch, but always had time to give her children great advice. And  Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days could charm Fonzie or tell her husband to Sit on it.
As we celebrate Mother's Day, they are some of our favorite television moms of all time, but on a soggy Sunday in Newbo, we found many of you praising your own mothers and the best advice or traits they ever passed on to you.

Todd Barger says theres not a doubt in his mind that her gift was her work ethic, From a very young age she really instilled it into me .. her and my Dad both. I mean Ive held the same job 17 and a half years and I attribute that to her. 

Others like Dustin Krogman say their Moms reminded them to take time to make the most of every day,  She showed me to do what makes you happy. Then stick with it and live life .. have fun.

On our Facebook page several posts showed a clear appreciation for what Mom had to say.  Donna writes, Mom showed us money and material possessions are just things. They cant buy you a living home and happiness.

Patti says, My Mom always repeated the quote, Its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice .. simple but Ive never forgotten it. 

Denise posts that her mom lead by example and was a very loving wife, always kissing her husband goodbye, Because they would never know if they would see each other again.
And Timothy writes the most important lesson from his mom, Dont ask or expect anyone to pay your way.  If you want it, earn it.

Meantime back in Newbo, three generations of Lochers and Krauses are strolling the neighborhood as they gather for Mother's Day.  Mom Laura says her mother played the cards she was dealt, My mother had a habit of just accepting what came to her.  I dont know that Im there yet, but Im working on it.

Daughter Mary Anne says with a smile, Teach your children to sleep late .. absolutely it will make you happier.

And with giggling children all around her, daughter-in-law Kathleen says she's really trying to follow her Mom's advice, Teach your children to be joyful, because you cant learn that as easily later in life.

Mothers can be loving, mothers can be challenging and often they can be a little bit of both, but like it or not, none of us would be here without them.  If you would like to share the best advice or trait you ever received from your Mom, you can go to our Facebook page. The link is at the bottom of your screen.
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