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Should Executions Be Painless?

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  Some witnesses at the execution of Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett say the event was more torture than death sentence. But the incident and the lethal injection that failed to kill him has sparked a national debate .. should there be a presumption of a pain free death at an execution?

 Prison administrators say Lockett died 45 minutes later from a massive heart attack. Critics say he obviously suffered during the process and have even referred to him as The Victim. 
Others point out that he was on death row for a reason and the 19-year-old girl whom he ordered friends to shoot, shove into a shallow grave and bury alive no doubt suffered even more.
On a sunny, spring afternoon in Newbo, reporter Matt Hammill asked some of you for your thoughts.  Frank says even though its an execution, it should still be humane, Maybe the people they killed suffered, but two wrongs dont make a right.  If theyve been found guilty and put to death, they should be laid to rest quickly.  

Logan says he doesnt even think pain and suffering during an execution is a discussion we should be having in this country.  He says that ignores the real question, People should get punished if they do bad things, but I mean if you pay for your crime, I dont think you should have to get killed for it.  

On Facebook, comments came with very mixed emotions on the question of the death penalty and suffering.  Jewel writes, The object of capital punishment is to terminate the offender, not to cause pain, but sometimes things go wrong.    Gordon says If theyre guilty, then it seems like a lifetime in prison is about the worst punishment you can give them. Maybe its time to get out of the business of killing.
Diane posts, He did not suffer enough as far as I am concerned and I have no pity.   And Andrea writes, I think its more humane that a firing squad .. if he took longer to die, perhaps thats just his kharma.

Meantime, back in Newbo, Olivia says knowing that the person on death row did something so horrible, had a young woman shot and buried alive, its more important for our sympathy to go to the real victim, rather than worry that the killer may have suffered discomfort, For such a heartless crime like that I would say no.. its ok if he suffered, I mean what he did to that woman obviously is disgusting.
If you would like to offer your thoughts, the debate continues right now on our Facebook page.


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