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Is Global Warming The Real Deal

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28)  California Governor Jerry Brown says the wildfires scorching thousands of acres in his state can , at least in part, be attributed to global warming.  Brown is a long-time believer in climate change and its impact.

Many scientists say the massive tornadoes, stronger hurricanes, thunderstorms that carry incredible amounts of rain and fast moving fires that often hit during severe drought conditions can all be traced back to our changing climate.

On a sunny afternoon in the  NewBo Neighborhood, we found several people who agree there is now enough evidence to convince them of a growing problem. Craig says hes seen enough to realize the actions of people and more violent weather are connected, not coincidence, I think its absolutely a serious deal.  I think the ozone depletion is something that has to be considered in the global warming process and we need to look at it seriously or our whole planet is going to feel the impact, particularly in food shortages.

On our Facebook page however, viewers offered a major mix of views on the topic and whether its fact or junk science.  Brent writes, The climate has always changed.  The moment it stops changing is when we should be worried.

Craig posts, Normal cycle, the 1800s had everything we do today.   Chris says It was going to happen with or without us.  But, Lance writes that global warming is a problem recognized by almost every scientist who has ever studied the issue, If you dont want to believe fine, just stay out of the way of those trying to do something about it.

Back in NewBo, Randy says everyone is entitled to their own opinions about climate change, but not their own facts, You know we are losing the ice at both caps, I believe its true. All the fossil fuels that have been burned and all the cars.  I grew up in Southern California with smog alerts and were paying the price for it now.

Even 11-year-old Ben stops to say he has studied the issue and is a real believer.  He says his family even uses a push lawn mower to try to help a little in the effort to cut down on emissions, I think if we dont do something about it in the next 20 years stuff is going to start going really wrong.

Global warming and climate change has sparked a lively debate on our Facebook page.  We invite you to share your thoughts too.  Youll find the Facebook icon at the bottom of this page.

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