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One Step At A Time

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- The emotion is still raw from the double homicide at 1704 4th Avenue SE, but that made it all the more powerful for when those who live nearby took to the very streets they say they need to take back from gun violence.

It doesn't take a big voice to have a big impact.

"I can't go outside at school, because the shooting happened by my school," said Carson Mason, who marched with him mom and friends.

"I had these kids get in the middle of this circle," said Monica Simpson from Stop The Violence! IA to the crowd at Never Park. Everyone older than 18 years old formed a circle around the outside of a smaller circle made up of everyone younger than 18. "You all take a look at these innocent faces. Every one of these kids right now have lost somebody or been affected by gun violence."

"There's nothing really that serious where somebody should lose their life," said Troy Williams, who lost a friend to gun violence. He says there were plenty of fistfights when he was growing up but that now kids turning to guns have permanent and tragic consequences.

When Simpson announced that the group would be stopping at the house that is also the scene of a recent double homicide, one young male broke away from the group and said he wouldn't take part. After a few minutes, Simpson called him and his friends, who had left to comfort him, back to the group.

"This right here," Simpson asked as the young man was embraced by Cedar Rapids resident and community organized Angie Schultz. "How many of you a want to be like him and feel that hurt? It has to stop."

So after a prayer, they walked.

All the way to the scene of Wednesday's double homicide.

Letting people know along the way that they're working to end gun violence in Cedar Rapids, one gesture at a time.

The young man who originally said he wouldn't take part placed a friendship necklace on a fence post outside the home after a moment of silence.
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