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Maquoketa Reacts to Officer Shooting

MAQUOKETA, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - A Maquoketa police officer is home tonight and the man that police say shot him is dead. It all happened early Tuesday morning leading to a police pursuit that ended before the sun rose.

Some people in Maquoketa say they could hear gunshots clear across town when Aaron Scott, 30, of Wyoming, Iowa and a Maquoketa police officer exchanged gunfire Tuesday morning.
The street is back open but people in town say today won't soon be forgotten because things like this just don't happen here.

"You just never think it would happen in a town this size," said Maquoketa resident Greg Johnson.
"You start wondering who it is," said Maquoketa resident Dena Donatsch. "Is it somebody from out of town? You just don't hear about things like that around here."
Out of town, yes, but not far away.

Police say the shooter was Aaron Scott from nearby Wyoming, Iowa. Matthew Heinrich lives in a home just down the street from the shooting and says he worked with on the farm that Scott's family owns
"The last time that I saw Aaron, he was still a good kid," said Heinrich. "Yeah he drank a little bit but I never would have thought he'd be the guy to do anything."
Jackson County says Scott had at least two OWI's and that he had been in their jail two or three times for non-violent offenses.

"Other than that, I'd have never taken him as somebody who would have taken a pop shot at a cop," said Heinrich.
Police say a Maquoketa officer approached Scott's pickup truck a little before 3 am. Police are still investigating what happened next, but they do know Scott and the officer exchanged gunfire. The officer was hit in the arm with a round from a rifle. Then, Scott fled the scene and lost police in Clinton County.
"A short time later the vehicle was located on 150th Avenue north of Highway 136 in Clinton County," said Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent in Charge Bill Kietzman. "The vehicle had been involved in a rollover accident and the driver was deceased in the vehicle."
Police say they're still determining Scott's cause of death.

By the afternoon, the small city of Maquoketa breathed a sigh of relief.
"Everybody knows everybody. Kinda like cheers," said Johnson.
It has some thinking how much more tragic it could have been.
 I have small children, said Michelle Kemp, who live near the scene of the shooting. If this had happened during the day, the kids play out in the back yard, I have my dog out there.

After we spoke with Matthew, we found out much more about the shooter, Aaron Scott. The Jones County Sheriff confirmed that Scott was involved a 2007 shooting, which the Sheriff says was a thwarted suicide attempt. Scott threatened to kill himself with a gun before a friend struggled with him to take the gun way. During the struggle, the gun fired, shooting a third friend, who has been paralyzed since the incident. Scott was never charged because prosecutors couldnt prove that Scott had intended to shoot the third man during the struggle.

The officers name still hasn't been released, investigators say he'll be interviewed about what happened this morning in the best 2-5 days. Hes been released from the hospital and is at home.
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