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Same Home, New Address

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) While parts of Cedar Rapids campaigned for a downtown casino, some other folks were redefining the phrase, taking the house. With Mercy Medical Centers help, a group of concerned citizens preserved a piece of Cedar Rapids history.

"They move a little bit, and then they fix stuff, and then they move a little bit, and then they fix stuff, one onlooker described to her young son as the Luther Brewer home drove down the center of Fourth Ave SE.

"It's amazing historically, it's amazing physically. It's the ultimate circus trick, said Dawn Stephens, who bought the Brewer House for just one dollar along with Greg Young, on the condition that they live in the home after the move.

"We're really seeing a great example here of where we can have continued expansion of the medical district and yet be certain that we're not disrupting the historic preservation of Cedar Rapids, said Cedar Rapids Historian Mark Stoffer Hunter.

"When we lose physical reminders of our's in a book, it's in a photograph, but it's not quite as real, said Young.

Oh they left the little flowers on, said Stephens as the home passed by. Can you see the little flowers I put on their truck?

"Want me to tell you why this house is kind of special? It was built by a man named Luther Brewer and his wife Eleanor, explained Stephens to a group of children near the homes new address. And they were some of the founders of the library, the very first library in Cedar Rapids.

"He said, Well what are they gonna do with it? I said, My daughter's going to live in it, said Stephens mother. He said, You're kidding...

"You know we all drive by everywhere, we're always in such a hurry, said Stephens. Even if you just learn one thing about one building, we just take so many things for granted you know?"

"He's trying to parallel park my house, said Stephens as the home pulled next to its new lot.

Mercy donated the cost that would have gone toward demolition to the efforts to move the home.
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