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Democratic Candidates Face-off

VINTON, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)- The five 1st district democratic candidates vying for Congressman Bruce Baley's spot spoke at Vinton High School about income and equality for the middle class.

They also answered audience questions and spoke about their platforms.

But, tonight, the audience wanted to know what these representatives had to say about minimum wage.

"Minimum wage is absolutely in the right direction," Representative Dave O'Brien said. "The American taxpayers would save $4 billiong in snap benefits if we raise the minimum to $10.10.

Other candidates also agreed. " I support raising the minimum wage to $10.10," Representative Anesa Kajtazovic said. "38,000 Americans would get a raise. About 300 Iowans will get a pay raise."

Pat Murphy agreed, "We need to raise minimum wage to $10.10. 28,000 Americans would get a raise."

Monica Vernon talked about the middle class being the backbone to our country and how life was before the recession, "Jobs were plentiful. Factories were full," she said.

Vernon added that she wants to see our state and country go back to what it was like before the recession.

O'Brien also believes that we need to help the younger generation with student loans.

"We need to invest in our young people and should give them lower rates," O'Brien said.

They also focused on their own platforms such as healthcare and education.

"It's kinda personal," Kajtazovic told CBS 2 news. "My cousin had to fight cancer so I saw first hand what it's like to fight for your life and fight against insurance companies."

But Swati Danekar also believes that something else is important.

"We need to expand our high speed internet," she said adding that's a part of her American dream. She would like to see every household have high speed internet.

Women equality was another issue that the canidates spoke about.

All the five canidates want to see a better future for middle class Iowans and Americans.



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