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Survivor Contestant's Grandpa, Big Fan

CEDAR RAPDIS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - It looks like Cedar Rapids Survivor contestant, Sarah Lacina, holds all the power going into Wednesday nights show.  Sarah is between two alliances going into the big merge, and theres one fan who wouldnt miss the moment for anything.
Sarah's grandpa, John Meerdink, is one of the biggest influences in her life and one of her best supporters. Meerdink said when its a Survivor night, he and Sarah's grandma, Louise, eat dinner fast to make sure they dont miss a minute of the show.
 Were very supportive of her, John said.
Since Sarah was little, shes had a special place in her grandparents hearts.
Shes like another daughter, now she can really spend time with us. We play in different golf tournaments. She's competitive, as you probably know, and so am I!" John said.

Sarah also played golf while growing up with her grandmother and her friends who John said are all watching Survivor religiously. Sarah said from the beginning her grandparents were on board with her Survivor journey.

From my grandpa, a piece of advise that I didnt expect him to say was, You know, he said, you know people out there are gonna lie to you and not tell you the truth and youre gonna have to do the same thing.To hear that out of your grandparents is unexpected, but it was one of the sweetest pieces of advice that I got, Sarah said.
And her grandpa really means that advice when it comes to Tony, the fellow cop and contestant that told Sarah they were in an alliance.
He's going to do what he can to survive, John said.
It seems Sarah is catching on to that. After Tonys tribe won immunity last week, he shouted in front of everyone that the members of his tribe would be a part of the top five. To that, Sarah said this,
I counted five people over there, and I wasn't standing over there. So, I think that's a pretty tell-tale sign that I'm not included in their future plans. So, I guess I'm moving on, and I'll make a new alliance, Sarah said on the show.
It sounds like a plan John will like, as he only wants the best for his granddaughter.
Its a wonderful feeling, hard to put in words, you love her, John said. 


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