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Invent Iowa Welcomes Young Inventors

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)--Elementary students throughout the state gathered at the University of Iowa today to showcase their inventions.

It's part of a program geared toward getting young minds to make people's lives easier.

Sadie the competition is part of Invent Iowa, a UI program that encourages students to think creatively.

They are asked to identify problems in their lives then invent possible solutions, and the students today did just that.

Ten year year old Katie Kovochich's invention started with an everyday problem.

"Nobody in my family wanted make coffee because they didn't want to go to the fridge and fill up the pot and fill up the coffee maker and then clean up all the mess, she said.

So she invented this, "Easy Fill Solution.

"It's a water supply system made for coffee makers made from common parts you find in hardware stores, she said.

A water line attached to a coffee maker.

"I'm connecting this line from the coffee maker to the line that connects to the fridge."

She's one of about 160 third to 7th graders who submitted their work to Invent Iowa.

Brady Pearson invented the Hot Dog Roaster Rack, he said.

"It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how to build it and craft it."

Abby McKnight invented the Pack and Track.

"It's this like handy device that will carry your fishing pools, said McKnight and these ideas got them to the state competition.

"What's so cool about it is these are ideas that came from their own heads. Problems that they had. Much like engineers from the real world had to deal with, said Invent Iowa, co-coordinator Leon Lueck.

Leon Lueck says this event helps students hone their problem solving skills.

"Many of these students that we've had in the past are in engineering programs now at one of the two universities. They are also practicing engineers all over the country, Lueck said.

Proof these youngsters are big thinkers.

"Kids can do anything, Katie said.

The students who made it to today's state competition were awarded $100.

Nine top inventors were awarded 500 dollar scholarships to the University of Iowa or Iowa State University.

Katie and Brady each went home with scholarships.
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