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ADHD & Women

(CBS2/FOX28) Whether Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is even a legitimate condition still sparks heated debate, so the latest information on medication to treat it is sure to just fuel the fire.  Express Scripts is the largest pharmacy benefits management company in the United States and this week it released the latest numbers on pills prescribed  for ADHD.

While were used to hearing about treatment for children, the latest numbers look specifically at adults.  The stats show nearly a 50% increase in the use of stimulants like Ritalin and Adderall for all adults over the last five years, but the figures indicate a whopping 85% jump in the number of prescriptions written for young women age 26 to 35.

For some there may still be a stigma surrounding the condition, but online you can find scores of videos of adults describing their struggle to focus on even the simplest tasks.  One woman in her early 20s remembers, It was impossible for me to remember to do things or to remember what I did three seconds ago.  You just cannot finish something, you cant finish organizing, you cant remember where your phone is every couple of seconds, you cant finish anything.     

Some doctors contend ADHD is becoming a catchall diagnosis for adults and that meds are prescribed far too often.  Still others like Psychologist David Clayman worry the stimulants are being prescribed far too often, When you are not ADHD the drug is a kind of speed, it gives you a buzz.  College students actually give their friends prescription medication to get through exam time and kids in high school are selling their medication because its an easy way to make money.

But many diagnosed with adult ADHD, like the young woman online, say medication changed their life, I struggled my whole first semester trying to figure out how to fix this, thinking whats wrong with me.  It was to the point many people were commenting about it and I knew I needed to get help.    




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