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River Beauty at a Price

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) As the ice breaks on the Cedar River, it creates a beautiful sight for some, but a glacier-sized headache for others. Not long after ice started down the river today, parts of Ellis Park quickly flooded with backed up water.

Just like winter melts into spring, what was once frozen solid gives way to a more liquid version of itself.

"I try to come down here about the time this goes out, said Jeff Gard as he watched the ice slide downtown. But so often, when I wanted to see it do this, it happens in the dark of the night.

"I think it looks beautiful, said Mark Martin as he took the scene in on his lunch break. The ice is, I'm going to say, 18-inches thick that pushed up along the bank here and the amount of power - it just looks so rugged, it's absolutely gorgeous."

Even the people take a different form. Far from a busy downtown St. Patricks Day Parade, the people on the river are locked in, or maybe zoned out, while the birds catch a quick lunch.

"They know these shad and bait fish are all chopped up now and it's pretty easy pickings for them, said Gard.

But the price of the photo-op is high water levels upstream.

"Oh it's real pretty but I'm sure it can cause a lot of damage too, said Joie Welsh, who took in the river with her husband.

It turns a park into a lake. Trees and street signs become markers for how high the water really is. Even under the midday sun, theres only more ice on the way.

"It's really locked up above the Edgewood Road Bridge too so when that breaks loose, hold on to your hat, chuckled Gard.
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