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Say What Future of Unions

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -  Union members, business owners and many others are keeping a close eye on the fallout after employees at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee rejected a plan to join the United Auto Workers Union. The collective bargaining organization has fought for auto workers rights for nearly 70 years, but in a debate decided by fewer than one hundred ballots, workers expressed fears that the same type of financial problems that have plagued Detroit, may come to their town if they joined the UAW.

On a brisk day in the NewBo Neighborhood in Cedar Rapids, market shoppers stopped to chat with Reporter Matt Hammill and expressed views on both sides of the issue.  Ron says he is a private businessman and has seen the impact unions have on industry.  He says unions had their place in the 1930s, but the Tennessee auto workers made the right choice for today, The worlds economy revolves around people who have ideas and unions stagnate ideas for the safety of the union.

Others say in todays big business environment, unions are more critical than ever.  Gene says hes belonged or worked in some capacity with unions for decades,   Its a balance with the corporate world, you know someone has to speak for the workers and its the unions who have to do that.   

On our Facebook page, Trav writes, Its very hard to support unions when you can get the same quality for one-half to two-thirds of the cost from non-union workers.

Jeremy says, Labor unions protect the least competent workers and have made themselves unnecessary.

Ellen posts, I just have a few words, Ford, GM, Chrysler .. we nearly lost all of them because of greed on the part of owners and unions.

But Mike writes,  If unions are irrelevant then billionaires wouldnt be spending so much money to get rid of them.

Back in NewBo, Emery says anyone who believes unions have outlived their usefulness is mistaken, Our society as a whole is crushing people and taking vacation time away and creating a work environment that they keep saying is sane but its not , its not a livable, sustainable way of life .. they need a group thats going to speak up for them.

The discussion on the future of labor unions continues right now on our Facebook page, we invite you to share your thoughts.



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