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Where Do You Want Your Super Bowl?


Would you pay $3,000 to sit in 30 degree temperatures at the Super Bowl?  Thousands of people did, but the debate over holding the biggest game on Earth near the Big Apple in the middle of Winter started about two minutes after the NFL confirmed the deal at the New Jersey Meadowlands. Appearing at a press conference last week, with fake snow falling behind him, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell joked about having no control over the weather in an area prone to heavy snows and freezing cold.  But many of you have your own thoughts on where Super Bowls should be played in the future.

 At a fundraiser for the Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity we found some football experts with definite opinions on tailgating in the tundra.  Cedar Rapids Titans Dolls member Lainee Yarkosky says she knows where she would buy a ticket.   Im going the furthest south I can and Im going straight to Miami.  I lived in Florida for a while and I never got the chance to go to Miami , but that is definitely where I would want to be today,  Lainee says. Teammate Kaytie Allen echoes that warm thought,  Cowboy Stadium in Texas.  Ive been there once before and its a beautiful stadium and its indoors so it doesnt matter if its hot or cold outside .. I dont like to be cold.   

 Packers fans deal with the cold on a regular basis, even making shoveling out the stadium a ritual before big games. But on Facebook most of you told us that kind of football weather doesnt score any points.  Donna writes, For that kind of $$ per seat it better be a dome.  Dave posts, They should never be playing football in January and February anyway .. its not a winter sport.  But Dawn writes, If you have $3,000 for a ticket then you can afford warm clothes.  Suck it up people.   

Titans Dolls member Katie Maher agrees and says if given the chance she would wear a gold and green snowmobile suit to head for her favorite Super Bowl destination,   I would definitely have it in Lambeau Field even if it was 30 degrees out or colder.  Im still a Green Bay fan , number one fan.   The Super Bowl at the Meadowlands will go down as the coldest since temperatures dropped to 39 degrees in New Orleans in 1972.  That was before the dome.  Unfortunately no matter what the weather for the Ground Hog Day game it wont mean we get six more weeks of football.



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