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Ski Iowa

DUBUQUE, IA (CBS2/FOX28) You can see the wide grin on his face before the six-year-old boy is even half way down the hill, his skis gliding so fast its making him giggle.  Its the kind of excitement you might not expect in a winter most are calling brutal, but here on the slopes of Sundown Mountain Resort in Dubuque its normal as more people try to shake off their cabin fever and embrace the cold weather. In a January and February thats brought one storm after another to Eastern Iowa, some of the 21 runs boast nearly 8 feet of snow.

In a business where Mother Nature can break your heart with a warm winter or early spring rain,  longtime Sundown employee Tony Lobianco  says the frigid temps have actually been better in many ways, Fantastic for making snow because of the cold weather.  In the beginning we made so much snow, because of the cold we didnt lose any and then Mother Nature gave us all the great snow along with it so we backed off on our snow making and got the real McCoy.   

Better yet Tony says this isnt just any snow.  Its the kind of crystals people in Colorado take for granted, but those of us in Iowa only dream about .. powder.  Its the stuff that sucked in skiers and beckoned boarders from all around the area to check out the bluffs of Sundown.

In fact some admit it was torture on the few days when dangerous 50-below wind chills closed the slopes and they were forced to stay home and look out the window, knowing all that remarkable snow was there just waiting to be sliced and diced.  Thomas Steinberg says even during those frosty conditions he grabbed his board and headed out, Yea ..there were a few days it was like a couple degrees below zero and I was still out here .. all bundled up .. it was fun.

While many of us are just sick of winter, Tony claims thats only because we arent on the slopes. On this Wednesday scores of people are out, perfecting their turns on the big hill, moving through the moguls and relaxing in the caf. He says we all make choices during the winter and many of the people hes introduced to skiing now realize you cant beat winter, so you might as well join in, Come out, get into it, youll enjoy it and realize winter goes so fast.  Maybe well have a few more storms and I think were going to have a real good March, we have so much snow at Sundown and conditions are really good, I think well be able to ski for quite a long time.

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