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Super Sunday Business Not So Super?

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- If there's one staple of Super Bowl Sunday - it's pizza.

Probably our two most popular pizzas are our cowboy pizza and our gourmet chicken garlic, said Tristan Melvin, an employee with Papa Murphys in Marion.

Papa Murphy's churns out their pizzas at a blistering pace.

So far today we've made 200 pizzas, and we're projected at over 400, Melvin said.

You may think that Super Sunday would be their big day, but it doesn't rank at the top

Probably a close second or thirdnot the busiest day of the year, says Melvin.

The number one spot belongs to Valentines day - the popularity of their heart shaped pizzas stealing hearts on that holiday.

In fact for several businesses we spoke to, Super Bowl Sunday isn't all it's cracked up to be.

We know that's the most at home watched game of the season, that's why a lot of businesses are slow, said Tanya Musser with the Fieldhouse in Cedar Rapids.

At her bar, the turnout is decent, not special. Compared to 2013, however, it's a party.

What we have right now for a crowd is definitely more than last year, Musser said.

For Cocktails and Company, the crowds are a little thicker, but it could be better.

If it's a game like today, usually turnout is a lot slower because it's not regional, says Jacob Allen with Cocktails and Company.

Both bars say when it comes to bar turnout, super Sunday has nothing on Iowa's true love.

Oh this pales in comparison to Hawkeye games, Allen said. We're rocking and rolling just about every Hawkeye game.

Still, for people like Patty Balvanz, the bars serve as a nice alternative to watching from the couch on Super Bowl Sunday.

We've been coming here for years, people know us, it's a nice atmosphere, Balvanz said. It's just nice.
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