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New Details in Cedar Rapids Double-Murder-Suicide

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS2/FOX28) - Police may never know exactly what pushed 47-year-old Robert Livingston over the edge to murder his wife and mother-in-law last Thursday and then kill himself, but there were hints of a  troubled relationship in the months prior.  Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman released new details Wednesday that fill in some of the pieces to the puzzle,  but dont directly answer the question of why.  Investigators say prior to the murders Livingstons wife Ingrid had moved their two daughters into her mothers home on Banar Drive S.W.  When Livingston arrived in the quiet neighborhood Thursday morning it appears he had a plan, He was armed with two weapons, an AR-15 rifle and a .380 handgun, Jerman said.


Chief Jerman says police talked to Livingston several times before the tragedy unfolded.  In December officers responded to his house on Big Horn Road after someone reported a disturbing post he wrote on Facebook.  Jerman says police visited with him and determined everything was fine.  Then, just 36 hours before the murders, Livingston called police saying he was suffering incredible emotional distress and needed help.  On that visit officers discovered he owned guns, but Livingston assured them they were locked in a gun safe.  Police eventually took him to the hospital that night of January 28th and left him with hospital staff.  Jerman says if there had been any indication of trouble police would have moved to confiscate his guns, but he says there werent any red flags, There was no information provided to the officers who responded Tuesday night that mister Livingston was despondent or suicidal or homicidal.            


That would be the last time Cedar Rapids police would hear about Robert Livingston until early Thursday morning when the 9-1-1 call came from the house on Banar Drive.  Jerman confirms Livingstons wife Ingrid and his mother-in-law Linda Huber were both shot several times with the rifle and then Livingston shot and killed himself with the handgun.  The exact reason why may remain a mystery since it appears Livingston didnt leave any clues.      In some suicide cases yes the deceased will leave a note outlining possible reasons why they wanted to take their life .. in this case Mr. Livingston did not.  Chief Jerman said.  

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