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Created in the Corridor: J-TEC Associates

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) - It's technology that produces winners from the race track to the battle field. J-TEC products can be found all over the world and it's a company Created in the Corridor.

They had been involved in the military side of Rockwell, says CEO Gary Roling of J-TEC founders Ted Johnson and Bob Joy who left Collins Radio in 1968 to develop an ocean current sensor for
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to help the agency forecast weather. It was the core technology thats (still used) in all these products today, says Roling.

The products Roling refers to are Blow-By Flow Meters which are purchased by a wide range of companies to increase fuel efficiency and power generation in their combustion engines. John Deere, Cummins,
Ford Motor and most of the automotive companies around the world use our products. Caterpillar is one of J-TEC's largest customers. They use the meters as lab tools to measure compression gases that escape
the piston rings into the crank case. We put our meter right on the output of that crank case, breather is what its called," explains Chief Engineer Dave Medin. "When that gas flow gets above a certain level that signifies that the engine is wearing out. Says Roling, Its important to know the health of the engine so you can catch a problem developing. 

That's crucial for NASCAR drivers like Dale Earnhardt Junior who just took the checkered flag at this year's Daytona 500. We feel like were part of the winning team because we supply the product
to (NASCAR racing teams). Earnhardt's team is just one of them.

J-TEC also is the sole provider of air flow meters to the U.S. military. (The meters) measure the crosswind that is flowing across the muzzle of an M1/A1 Abrams tank, explains Medin.That wind affects the shell
that the tank fires and therefore the accuracy of the shell...and so (the air flow meter) sits on the back of every M1/A1 tank.

J-TEC employs only eleven people right now because its military business is down, but most the employees have been with the company for decades. We have a very tremendous crew of people here, boasts Roling.

This Spring, J-TEC will introduce a couple of new products for smaller, budget-minded shops that are roughly one third of the cost of J-TEC's standard products. 

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