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SAY WHAT?: Young Adults and Healthcare

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS2/FOX28) -- A new poll conducted by Harvard Universitys Institute of Politics shows two-thirds of young adults who are uninsured dont have any plans to sign up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. 

But on a day when the temperatures hinted at a January thaw, some of you wandering Newbo told us that reflects what theyre hearing from friends and relatives.  Lily Allen-Duenas says she has her doubts that people under 26 will sign up.  The law allows young adults to remain on their parents health insurance until that age and until then, few may even explore their options.    Because they just think oh I'm on my parents healthcare I'm not going to pay attention to anything else but I know as soon as someone hits that 26 mark then they're interested then they're like what's going on .. how much money am I going to have to pay how do I sign up do I need to sign up so when you hit that mark then it becomes a big issue for you    

On Facebook many of you told us youve looked at the options, but cringed at the cost.  Lauren writes at the age of 27 and requiring medication The cheapest plan I could find was over $350 a month.  Misty posted 28 and no insurance .. crossing my fingers for good health.   But Marybeth says I just bought my family plan, very affordable. To each his own I guess.

Back in Newbo, Neva says some of her college classmates arent that crazy about the government healthcare plan for several reasons including cost, but she says even more are just confused. I think most people are trying to figure out exactly what it is specifically .. lots of people are talking about it but I think lots of people are also unclear about how it's going to work and how it's going to affect people.

Were always curious to hear your thoughts.  You can share what young adults in your family plan to do about healthcare and what you think is an affordable cost right now on our Facebook page.

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