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Walking Through Winter Weather

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) While some Corridor residents try to limit the amount of time spent outside, others dont have much of a choice but to brave the elements.

My plans for the rest of the day would be just to stay inside, said Thomas Roe as he went to church.

When we come out in weather like this, I just always make sure Ive got a hat, mittens, gloves and emergency equipment in my car in case I were to get a flat tire or break down, said Randy Jones while the wind whistled behind him.

The recommendation is the stay off the roads.

Thats not a problem for Shirley Harnden.

Ugh, I got to go to work, said Harnden as she shuffled through the Czech Village.

Harnden walks to work.

It gets hard sometimes, said Harnden. Ive walked in blizzards before.\

She walks in all seasons.

Well, Ill just plow right through it, said Harnden.

Through the heat and cold.

Dont have any bus money or something like that, you got to walk, said Harnden.

Even when the experts say being outside for just a little while can easily give you frostbite, sometimes it takes me two hours, sometimes it takes me an hour and a half, sometimes it takes less, said Harnden. Depends on the weather.

She says she rarely gets sick, thanks to all the layers.

Im dressed up right, said Harnden. Got two pairs fo pants on, two pairs of socks. I got three sweatshirts and this nice winter coat.

Shirley says while the bad weather keeps everyone at home, it just means she can have the whole street to herself.

Theres no cars around, nobody around, said Harnden. Its just really peaceful and quiet.

Sometimes, it seems like she has the city to herself, at least for a block of two. It all makes for some scenery worth taking in.

I like winter, I like all seasons, so I think its pretty, said Harnden.

Shirley says she doesnt even think about the weather anymore. Its just something that she has to deal with.

I mean, if you dont, like the weather, move. But the weather in the south can be pretty bad too, said Harnden.

She says tonight, when the weather is worse, shell walk home just like she walked to work because she has a dog to take care of.

Like they say, you got to get from point A to point B, said Harnden.

Shirley says walking keeps her body healthy and her legs strong. She also says that replacing her shoes every so often is much cheaper than all the cost associated with a car.
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