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Getting Your Cold Car to Start

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) -- The coldest temperatures of the week haven't even hit yet and they're already having an impact -- and they may keep you from starting your car.

The cold can sap the power from your car's battery, leaving you stranded, but there are some things you can do now to prevent that.

"A lot of cars' batteries tend to die in the cold weather, just that and coolant tend to take them down pretty easily, so that's something you're going to want to look at," said Firestone Tire sales associate Brian Moore.

Parking in a garage gives you enough of a temperature difference to make sure the engine rolls over, Moore said.

But a lot of those old mechanic's tales about keeping your car warm aren't true, he said. Putting a blanket over your engine won't make a difference, and you should leave your battery in your car -- don't take it out and bring it into your house.

"I don't think taking out the battery is probably the best idea. I wouldn't do that, ever," Moore said.

You could hook up a block heater, or a car-specific electric blanket to keep extra heat on the engine. Filling your car up with at least half a tank of gas will help, too, he said.

If your battery is three to five years old, it might be good to have it replaced for the cold temperatures, Moore said.
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