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Say What?: Chris Christie Bridge Scandal

CEDAR RAPIDS (( CBS2/FOX28)--Did Chris Christie just watch his political career fall off the side of the George Washington Bridge?  The debate continues over the oldest question surrounding political scandal in history,    What did he know and when did he know it?

Every week in our Say What segment we ask for your thoughts on the issues of the day.  This week we have your opinion on the accusations that saw Christie holding a two hour press conference to explain and apologize.  He also fired a senior staffer whom he says orchestrated four days of traffic jams into a nearby community where the city leader hadnt endorsed Christies last run for governor.

On a warm winter day for snow sculpting in Newbo, most voters we talked with told us they dont think the popular Republican governor will see his presidential hopes turn ice cold when he comes to Iowa.  Just a few months before candidates begin book signings and look for other excuses to wander through Iowa to test the political waters, Halane Cummings says with two years remaining before the caucuses this scandal will be water under the bridge.  Any politician has a skeleton or a scandal somewhere in their closet.  Hes got enough people under him who are taking the fall for this that realistically I think hell be able to shoulder any responsibility and walk away from it with no one really pointing the finger.


On Facebook some of you arent so sure about the fallout.  Laura writes Ive seen reports indicating this is the tip of the iceberg for revenge acts that Christie or his office has exacted.   Sandy writes, Just add another name to the list.   Kenneth posts, He had to know about the traffic issues .. therefore he lied.

But Suzanne says, I believe him.. simply because I think hes smarter than to get caught up in something like that.

Meantime back in Newbo,  Eric Brandt offers a unique thought.  He says he could see the scandal actually helping Chris Christie mold his future and show his integrity before the Iowa caucuses.  I think we'll have to wait and see how he handles this whole situation and gets his own government back in order .. all in all it may very likely help him.

If you would like to see the comments from our viewers and join in the debate, you can go to our Facebook page .. just look for the icon at the bottom of this page.

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