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Tow Trucks Come To The Rescue For Stranded Drivers

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- There was no sweeter sound Monday than the hum of a working car engine. However, it's a luxury that many in the corridor weren't afforded.

"Very frustrating, couldn't make it into work today," said Daniel Ellickson, whose car was stranded today by the cold weather.

Enter Jan Dillon, who on this day, is nothing short of a superhero.

"We've been pretty steady today," Dillon said. 

With her trusty radio by her side, she flew - better yet, drove - from neighborhood to neighborhood.

"Lots of batteries, lots of flat tires, and lots of cars that plain wouldn't start," Dillon said.

Along the way, she rescued a few damsels.

"It's my daughters car she came out to go to work and it wouldn't do a thing," said Sherri Bisinger.

Dillon even managed to save a couple of dudes in distress as well.

"Had a friend come over to jump it, didn't work, so I figured that was the last resort," Ellickson said.

From the word go this morning, conditions were less than ideal. So imagine tow truck drivers like Jan having to deal with it for nearly 12 hours.

"I don't mind the cold, I just don't like the extreme cold," Dillon said.

As the cold day, began to give way to an even colder night, Jan's day continues because for any superhero, the work goes on...

"Till it's done or till they get sick of us."

Experts say filling your car up with at least half a tank of gas may help you start that car in the morning. You may also want to replace the battery in the car if it is three to five years old.
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