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Battling Another Round of Winter WX

HIAWATHA, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- As fire fighters clear a path through the morning snow, they prepare for a busy day of winter weather hazards
Hiawatha Fire Chief says snowy days make for  a dangerous time of year
"traffic accidents are really common this time of year and that all goes back to people driving too fast they don't give themselves enough time"
Driving in the snow isn't the only concern, but also slipping on ice, over exertion while shoveling heavy snow, as well as using inappropriate means to generate heat
Chief Nesslage says hell always remember one winter accident in particular "one of the worst fires ive even seen was on a snow day, people tried to dethaw their pipes with a space heather, the whole house went up in flames and 3 people died it was surreal with the snow falling i'll never forget"
So if you don't want to end up in the back of the ambulancehere are some tips to keep you safe in winter weather
-give yourself plenty of time:
If snow is in the forecast, plan an extra 20 minutes to clean off your car and extra time to get to your destination.
If going on an extended trip pack water, food a flashlight, and extra winter clothes in case you become stranded.
-slow down:
Reducing your speed and putting more space between you and the car in front of you will lower the risk of a collision.
   And for those braving the elements to aid people in need, chief nesslage says  he's proud
"they will get up and go out in the snow at 2 in the morning when most of us are hoping for a 2 hour delay or cancellation, they're out there doing it, it's hard work, i'm really proud of them"

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