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Christmas Wish



A lot of us have a Christmas wish list, but when we met cancer patient Evelyn Nuehring last  December, her family was certain they were hearing her last wish.  The woman who surrounds herself with snowmen and snow flakes and calls herself the Northwest Cedar Rapids Snow Queen just wanted to see giant, goose feather flakes float down from the sky one last time to paint the landscape with a fresh coat of glitter.  You may remember, a few days later a blizzard hit the corridor. 


But that was one year ago, look who is home, marveling at the white frosting she sees through her picture window.   I know .. the good lord has plans for me I guess. 

Call it a Christmas miracle or modern medicine, but despite months battling sarcoma, Evelyn is celebrating another year with Santa. "  The cancer is still there  .. it never goes away .. it's not curable it's something I'm going to have to live with. Now my decision when it does rear its head .. do I wanna undergo chemo that just destroys so much or do I wanna just enjoy the time that I have.  "


Until that time comes, Evelyn is living large.  Her wish this Christmas sits on the kitchen counter.  After 25 years of using a small mixer she has always wanted a commercial sized, bakery brand Kitchenaide seven quart mixer.  A gift from her loving husband Dan, its already churning out rolls and cookies for the holidays.  In her year since Christmas past there have been many magic moments, cuddling puppies, traveling to see friends in North Carolina, meeting three incredible young men who ran across the country to raise money and awareness for sarcoma and spending time with the 16 kids, grandkids and great grandkids who are expected for Christmas dinner.


At her side through it all, the love of her life.  Dan admits he loves her, but not her love for snow.  " She does her snow dance .. and apparently it works  .. it's white outside that window. "

Her snow angels are still at work as the flurries begin outside that window on Christmas eve.  Everyone knows you can never underestimate the power of a wish and Evelyns do come true.

  "  I  have always enjoyed watching it snow .. it just glitters .. it's just so beautiful ..  I just ah .. and sometimes you know you wake up and the trees are all coated and it's just a wonder of what God creates during the night .. and I just love it. "



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