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Say What? Replace Congress



A new survey shows many voters give their lawmakers in Washington a failing grade and believe random people picked off the street could actually do a better job. Every week Reporter Matt Hammill gives you the opportunity to speak out on the issues of the day and grading our senators and congressmen is the topic of this weeks Say What.


The latest Fox poll on members of Congress shows 47% of Americans believe the average person on the street could do a better job.  On a brisk afternoon in the Newbo Neighborhood Phil Jepsen of Des Moines agrees and specifically says he thinks its time for one of his senators to go back where he started.  Whats the worst grade you can give .. an F .. Id give Chuck Grassley an F.  I think its time for him to retire to the farm.


Nikki Kettlekamp is a little more forgiving, but says after the government shutdown and continuing battle over healthcare congress deserves a c-minus or a c at best. Nobody can come to a compromise.  I think this is a time that you need people to set aside their extreme ideas and come together and come up with a solution.  


Others who passed by our camera yelled that everyone should be fired or warned that their choice words for congress couldnt possibly be repeated on television.

But Connie Mitchell of Cedar Rapids stopped to express her frustration.  She says she comes from a proud Republican family, but shes not afraid to admit she has had it with both sides of the isle.  I would give them a definite F.  I just feel that they are not getting things done that are so necessary for our country to continue and thrive.  Im disgusted with all of them, Im disgusted with the administration. 


The conversation continues on the Your Voice Survey page.  If you would like to join in you can go to the link.
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