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SAY WHAT? Attitudes About Washington



 Day 13 of feuding in Washington and some are comparing the effort to reopen the government for business to repairing a damaged plane while its still in flight.  As we hit the streets in this weeks Say What, some of you expect it all to crash and burn before theres any agreement.  Kenneth Teise of Cedar Rapids says its time for those who represent us to be statesmen, not politicians.  He says if you want a solution in the latest dilemma, something should be done to take away lawmakers paycheck  " Change the 27th amendment you hit them in their own personal pocketbooks they'd feel what its like to be a regular American .. its easy for them to position and posture right now. "


 Cortnee Hemesath of Cedar Rapids says her request is even simpler.  She just wants members of congress to grow up. " Honestly it looks like elementary .. i think they should be acting like adults and listen to what they people want rather than what their own personal agendas are.  "


But Jeff Smith of Robins says while it may not be pleasant to watch, the debate may not be all bad.  He says theres a reason we have three branches of government. " I think it is a good balance of power of having congress debate and restrict the president on some of the powers the president does not have given to him by the constitution. " 


But others say theyve had it with the bickering and blame games.  Angela Heil of Des Moines says after watching the war in Washington, the budget battle just makes her feel helpless.

" I kinda sometimes feel like since i voted for them to represent me i mean they need to listen to us but what can i do they're not gonna come listen to me over here. "   


Even if they dont ask for an opinion, you can still tell lawmakers what you think about their stand on the issues.  Youll find links to all their contact information on this website.

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