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"Let's Move" Stamps

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -    Its one of the biggest talkers right now on our CBS2 and FOX28 Facebook pages as many of you react to news the Lets Move postage stamps are getting cancelled before they ever make it onto an envelope.  The sheets of forever stamps promoting an active lifestyle for kids show youngsters tumbling, skateboarding and jumping into swimming pools.  But the stamps, part of Michelle Obamas Lets Move initiative arent making the grade at the White House when it comes to safety.  Some of the activities such as cannon-ball diving into the water and skateboarding without a helmet or pads are being called risky and something that should not be encouraged by the stamps.


Its news that makes the rippers shredding it out in front of the Eduskate shop in southwest Cedar Rapids grin and roll their eyes.  Owner Nate Sherwood says hes all about safety, but honestly most of the street skaters he knows just dont wear pads.  He says to stamp out the whole collection of stamps seems extreme.  Everybody is so scared of their kidgs getting hurt would you rather have a stamp that applauds people playing video games all day, somebody drinking soda pop sitting down or somebody doing something energetic .. I mean  I dont know how to articulate this but anything can be rough and dangerous .. you can get cut with a shears or knitting could be dangerous.


The Elvis stamp sold millions, so did the space shuttle.  At a time when the post office is broke, some of you on our Facebook pages say a new popular stamp may have helped a little.  Beyond that, some of you are surprised the stamps are seen as dangerous and others note they played on rusty jungle gyms with gravel to break their fall and turned out okay.  Deb writes, Really, so you should lead an active safe lifestyle.  What might cause injury .. ahh everything.  Even walking across the room you might fall and chip a tooth  .  


Sherwood says in fairness, he does sell all the knee and elbow pads and helmets for beastly boarders with all the rad moves, but he says people who want to yank the stamps are actually part of the problem.   " I think it's a bad idea to pull these stamps, I  think they're great.  It gets people mota-skated - to get out and have fun with different activities. I  think it's way better than if they had an x-box or a wii stamp. "


If you have an opinion the conversation continues right now on our CBS2 and FOX28 Facebook pages.

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