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Shutdown Stress For Candidates

MARION, IA (CBS2/FOX28) Hope and patience was the message from some democrats, both elected officials and candidates, as they met with a group of Linn County voters.

The stress of the Shutdown is running high as some Iowans have been furloughed and others cant receive some of the benefits they need. But that frustration with the Government Shutdown wasnt reserved only for the voters.

"A government shutdown needed to happen? No. No, said Democratic Iowa State Senator Liz Mathis.

"It's dangerous, it's irresponsible," said Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Jack Hatch.

"I'm always in favor of compromise as long as there's two sides willing to compromise and willing to be reasonable, said Congressional Candidate Dave OBrien.

As a handful of Linn County Residents got to know a few Democratic candidates for Governor and Congress, some made it clear who they thought was at fault.

"We got to here because the Republicans are crazy, said OBrien.

"Conservative Tea Party Members are really being obstructionists and they're holding their own party hostage, said Hatch.

Most of the blame was placed across the aisle, but not everyone thought the Shutdown was the work of just one party.

"We are actually seeing both sides be very stubborn in their position and neither of them want to budge," said State Senator Daniel Lundby.

While the Congress in D.C. is shut down, Iowa politicians point to the compromise found the State Legislature this past session.

"We were able to find common ground in our districts first and then when we came to the legislature, we carried that forward, said Hatch.

When it gets to a leadership level, they're saying, 'Ok, this is what my caucus says, this is what mine says,' and they're coming together to meet a compromise, that's good leadership, said Mathis.

Thats what some of the candidates say their peers in Washington need.

We spoke with Republican Candidate Steve Rathjes campaign today. A statement he sent us asked if the Shutdown wasnt really just and action that was long overdue. That statement also detailed a plan to reduce the wages of some federal workers by 15% in order to save what he says would be $1.2 Trillion in the federal budget.

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