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Say What?

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS 2/FOX 28) - The latest Gallup Poll shows trust in government continues to decline.  Only 49 percent of people in the United States now trust their government to make important decisions on issues like the economy and healthcare.

Its the latest topic as we listen to your voices in this weeks Say What.

On a perfect day for walking or work in the Newbo neighborhood in Cedar Rapids, most are not surprised at the latest poll number.

Artist Justin Schortgen says he already knows its going to be tough finding a job in his field when he graduates from the University of Iowa next year.  At the same time, he says hes not looking to the government for help, nor does he think politicians can create jobs.


If the government would step back a little bit and allow the community to take over, versus them kinda pressing down on people it would be better because I think there are a lot of great people out there. 


Future civil engineer Mitchel Barta agrees.  He says hes confident he will find work when he graduates from college, but he doesnt see Washington doing the job of private industry.


If the companies were able to find ways to open up for more jobs, I feel the company should do more of that.


We found Cedar Rapids businessman Jon Jelinek on a lift, painting the peak of an historic home that will soon be a new business in the Newbo neighborhood.  Jelinek says hes not a fan of trusting government to make business decisions.  He says the markets are looking promising and lawmakers need to focus on cutting spending.


I think its going good , I think its probably time for them to back off.


Marilyn and Bruce Hanna have similar trust issues about government involvement in what many call Obamacare.  Bruce is hopeful.



 " I don't know if I trust them very much because they haven't been doing their job but I think potentially they could come up with something that would be good for you and me."


Marilyn  -is not as confident government will get it right.


"It's too big and it's too complicated and people don't understand what it's all about I think it's making people uneasy."


The poll on trust in government shows drastic peaks and valleys over the years.  In 2000 more than 80-percent of people in the United States indicated they trusted the government. 


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