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Say What? Should We Get Involved With Syria?


While Congress and The White House wait for a diplomatic solution in the debate over chemical weapons use in Syria, many of those living in The Corridor already drew their own line in the sand on U.S. military action.  FOX 28 listens to your voice every Sunday night during the FOX28 News at Nine segment   Say What.   Carmen OBrien says she has relatives in the military and theyve gone through enough.  OBrien says We are not the big brother of every other country and all it does is hurt ourselves and everybody hates us because were the big guys and everybody hates us and look where it gets us .. everybodys supposed to be home by now, I have a nephew whos done 5 tours and I dont want anybody else to die.

    Cedar Rapids resident Vern Schueller is retired military and has seen his share of wars. He doesnt want to see another.  Schueller says We too easily put our men and women in harms way just because some fool does something in the Middle East why do we feel we have to be the bragging kid on the block and thump our chest and say were powerful and get involved. 

    Joe Rodulavic favors U.S. troops staying home and Syria settling its own civil war.  He says he can only imagine favoring military action if Syrian President Asad is guilty.   Rodulavic says If its actually proven, I still havent seen anything on who actually did the chemical attack.  Yea, then for sure it would suggest he was lying about it.

    While many of those we talked with have strong opinions, Cedar Rapids resident William Treadway is outraged.  He says look at the history of U.S. involvement in the region and what its accomplished.  Treadway says They need to stay the hell out of it.  If he wants to gas his own people thats his business.  We need to stay out of it because if we get into it , thats gonna start something we cant get out of.

Iowas Senators and Congressional Representatives all say they are leaning towards a no vote on military action if indeed congress votes on the issue.


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