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Grant For Health Care Law Outreach In Iowa

CEDAR RAPIDS (CBS 2/FOX 28) - A night at Noelridge selling healthy food in the Katering Kitchen is Jackie Fetter's take two. Before she started her own business, she worked for four and a half years in health insurance.

 "I knew that when people called in to the health insurance it was typically the same people over and over again continually sick, Fetter said.   

That made Fetter want to change things by helping people live a healthy life now, so hopefully they wont need to go to the doctor so much. Thats what helped her start the Katering Kitchen where she places an emphasis on healthy food. She also delivers organic and free range meals through a second business, Honest Living.

Under Obamacare there will be more folks required to have health insurance like those that once inspired Fetters new career.

"I don't necessarily believe people need to be forced into anything," Becki Evans said regarding Obamacare.

While Evans carries health insurance for her four children, she doesnt have any for herself.

Its very expensive! Evans said.  

On Thursday, the Obama Administration awarded three Iowa organizations including Planned Parenthood, Genisis Health System and Visiting Nurses of Iowa nearly $600,000 to help the government tie up loose ends when it comes to signing up for insurance.

 "I think its great to have an in between buffer!" Fetter said. 

The grant helps fund navigators.  Navigators are people help guide the uninsured when choosing their health care online.

If its going to be instated, there need to be people out there that are going to help people understand, Evans said.

And while Fetter said she can understand funding for navigators, she isn't sure the government awarding $67 million in grants to 105 organizations nationwide is the best way to feed health in America.

It has to start with preventative care, and knowing the food that you eat and the things that you do will help you hopefully not  get diabetes and other cancers, Fetter said. 

A take two for Fetter that lead her from working in health insurance to a whole new career that she said does even more to keep folks well.

While its unclear exactly which Iowa counties each of the three organizations  will support, Planned Parenthood said in their case, the money will go toward, enrollment, outreach and education. They said they will learn which counties they will represent when they receive the government contract next   week. 


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