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Neighbors Concerned After Burglary Trend

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- For neighborhood watch coordinator Rick Martin, it's a major concern.

We had a break in on the 16th, one on Sunday, and two last night, Martin said.

Now the normally quiet Parcrest area is on alert.

One of the neighbors says boyevery time I hear a sound I wake up Martin said.

So far there have been a total of 5 attempted break-ins over the past week, the most recent occurring Wednesday.

One resident, who goes by just 'Wally, was one of the first residents hit last week.

He was asleep during the attempt, but talked about what he found the next morning.

Someone with a big shoulder and some heft broke in, Wally said.

The intruder first muscled his way through the back door, bending the locks in the process. Wally says thankfully the attempted entry stopped at the kitchen. When the person tried to make their way through the door, a security pole on the door knob was blocking their way.

Nothing was missing, they found nothing they wanted I guess, Wally said.

Police say they are stepping up patrol in the area, but they say residents can be proactive as well by locking up and looking out.

If they see anything suspicious in the neighborhood we want them to call in right away so that we can come check it out, said Officer Shannon Stokesberry with the Cedar Rapids Police Department. Beacuse most people shouldn't be out walking around at 1, 2, or 3 in the morning.

Martin is also encouraging residents to register their property with the neighborhood watch, so stolen items can be tracked. Residents that register get a sticker to keep on their doorone that sends thieves a message.

If you take so meting out of this house, you're probably gonna get caught, Martin said.

In several of these cases, bolted locks have kept intruders out. Police say of course keep those doors locked at night and keep lights on outside your home to deter thieves.
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