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Cedar Rapids Still Dry after Early Morning Crest

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) -- Cedar Rapids is breathing easier with the river cresting last night while the streets stayed dry.

“It’s a weight off the shoulders because after going through the 2008 flood and having to recover from that, you don’t want that to happen again,” said Sarah Bryan of the Soyka Bakery.

“Once the crest was past and we didn’t really even get our socks wet, we think it’s safe to take things away as quickly as possible,” said Producing Director of the Legion Arts, Mel Andringa.

“I thought I’d have to go through ’08 all over again,” said owner of 3rd Street Resale, Bob Jacoby. “It’s a very pleasant surprise to come down here and it’s not wet.”

While the concrete barriers and sandbags that dot the New Bohemia district in the next few days, but it’s still dangerous to forget the lessons they represent.

“Whenever you haven’t done a flood in a while, that makes the response slower,” said Public Works Maintenance Manager Craig Hanson. “There are new things that we find on each flood that we then put into our bag of tricks and that we can then go out and work on.”

Even with the worst parts of the flood over, getting too comfortable could be dangerous.

“We still have to be vigilant throughout today and tonight so that if there are any storm protection areas that fail, that we have to be there and be able to respond immediately,” said Hanson.

“We’re going to keep several of the sandbags on hand still out front. I’m going to make a little room for me and my customers to come in because I’m going to open up again tomorrow,” said Jacoby.

“If there’s some sense of a false alarm then people become complacent next time around,” said Andringa. We don’t want that to happen either.”

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