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War on Grubs

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - Months of drought left boaters with low water and gardeners struggling to keep flowers alive.  But after a brutally dry summer, some of the problems run even deeper and thats why T.J. Woods is rolling a big sprayer onto the crunchy brown lawn of a home on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids .


Hes the first line of defense in a war on bugs.  Woods says many homeowners probably think they just have dormant, brown grass until they see the white globs with legs.  Japanese beetles laid a lot of eggs this year and now the grubs that hatched out are munching roots and causing permanent problems.


You get the grub damage and youre going to have to re-seed or sod or whatever you want.  Will it wipe out a lawn?  If you dont get on it right away it probably wont do a whole lawn but a big portion of it.   


If you really want to scare yourself look up grub videos on YouTube.  Some are enough to give you creepy, crawly nightmares, but chances are your lawn isnt that bad. Sill a fair number of folks are beating a path to Earl May Garden Center in Cedar Rapids.  Lawn expert Nadia Slindee says she directs people to the Dialax.  It can be put in a spreader and then needs to be watered into the grass for about 30 minutes to activate the grub killer.


Slindee says just eight bugs a square foot spells trouble and from now until first frost customers are looking for advice and do-it-yourself ammunition to win the war on grubs.


 Nadia Slindee says just eight bugs a square foot spells trouble and, from now until first frost, customers are looking for advice and do-it-yourself ammuntion to win the war on grubs.


"Fall is the time to really go after the grubs .. they're the ones that are the most active and more aggressive towards your lawn.  " 


To add insult to injury biologists say after the grubs eat away the root system of your grass, raccoons and crows will often show up to roll back your lawn like a carpet so they can feed on all the grubs.



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