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Wheels to Prosper

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 07:45 AM CDT
MARION, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – One corridor woman has a brand new set of wheels thanks to a local repair shop. Jim Anderson from Anderson Automotive in Marion started a program called “Wheels to Prosper” where he matches up one deserving person with a car.

The whole process demonstrates to everyone involved exactly what the value of the dollar can be.

When life kicks you when you’re down, again and again, you don’t know if just around the corner is another speed bump or a helping hand.

Carly Ringgenberg came to Anderson Automotive with the idea that she was helping her Dad pick up something for his car. When she saw friends and family, she realized she’d be the one getting picked up.

Wheels to Prosper fixes up a car each year and then asks the public to nominate someone who deserves to buy it cheap.

Jim says Carly had three independent nominations from family and friends making the case to award the car to her.

"Two weeks later, the straight line winds came through in Toddville and took all the trees out and  the neighbor's tree dented in the top front half of my car."

That left her without a way to get to work, drive her son to his activities and carpool with coworkers and friends.

Still, she never gave up.

"She knows that she needs to work and she knows that she needs to provide for her family,” said Opal McNiel, Carly’s Mother. “She's just a hard worker."

"She knows that she needs to work and she knows that she needs to provide for her family. She's just a hard worker."
Jim says the idea behind Wheels to Prosper is to help someone who keeps trying, but gets knocked back down. So he takes care of her car troubles by selling her a car for just a buck, proving that no matter how good your tires are, life can turn on a dime.

Or maybe, a dollar.
Wheels to Prosper

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