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Water Levels Decrease, Leaving a Price Tag

Updated: Tuesday, June 4 2013, 07:54 AM CDT

(CBS2/FOX28) – The barriers, sandbags and protection is all coming down in
Cedar Rapids. It took a week and a million dollars to put up.

It was a price tag that
the community helped to pay for by bonding together.

“It’s worth every penny
of it if the flood occurs and the damage is mitigated,” said the Director of
the Katz Family Healthcare Simulation Center at Kirkwood Community College, Mike
McLaughlin. “I don’t think there’s a lot of value in second guessing it because
the water damage wasn’t as bad as we thought.”

Since the Cedar River
crested early Sunday morning, the threat of flooding has diminished. But it
took a community pulling together to keep the New Bohemia District safe.

“I think that people
just realizing the impact from the floods in 2008, people really wanted to do
everything they could to minimize or mitigate the damage that seemed to be
about to occur this time,” said McLaughlin.

But the
threat still leaves many looking for long term protection measures.

“It would
be great if they could devise something to help us out,” said the owner of
Greyhound Deli, Matt Georges.

something could be permanent flood walls on both sides of the river.

“We understand
that’s an expensive project. Seven and a half miles on both sides of the river,”
said Cedar Rapids Mayor, Ron Corbett.

Federal and
state legislators have been working on the funding for more than a year, but it’s
yet to pass the United States Senate. For now, the city relies on temporary
precautions whenever the river threatens. This time, they worked.

Water Levels Decrease, Leaving a Price Tag

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