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Waiting for Tree Pick Up

Updated: Monday, July 7 2014, 09:22 PM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – The cleanup efforts continue in Cedar Rapids weeks after the first bad storms rolled through. Some downed trees have been taken away, but many others remain in yards and along the road waiting for pick up.

The city is taking the debris in Curby’s if it’ll fit, but for the bigger stuff, they’re offering to pick it up right off the curb free of charge, but patience is going to be the key.

Suzanne Hunter was on the other side of town when storms last week blew part of a huge tree over in her yard.

"And then we just started making our phone calls and assessing the damage,” said Hunter.

It’s no isolated problem.

"It was a double trunked, good sized Burch tree and it went down across the sidewalk, into the street and across the end of our driveway,” said Michele Kanfield, a few blocks away from Hunter.

City pick up crews are helping out, taking care of the big stuff.

"Where half a tree or more came down into a single yard, that's what we're really targeting and trying to pick up,” said Hanson.

It saves folks some money.

"My guess would probably be a few hundred dollars,” said Hunter.

"It's an unexpected expense for those people that are maybe on a fixed income or small children, kids are expensive,” said Kanfield.

Just don’t hold your breath.

Since there’s so much damage of all kinds all over, those crews might not get out there for another two weeks.

Maybe more.

But the city says they are trying to get things back to normal for everyone inconvenienced by the downed trees.

Even the ones who fly.

"Yeah, we'll have to move them to another tree, it is a sad thing but nature is nature, we can't control that,” said Hunter about the bird house that got destroyed on the tree she lost. She sustained a little bit of damage to her home, but she admits that the bird house got the worst of it.
Waiting for Tree Pick Up

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