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UPDATE: Woman Found Dead on Gravel Road

Updated: Thursday, July 10 2014, 04:20 AM CDT
WALKER, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - From the Linn County Sheriff: "The Linn and Buchanan County
Sheriff's Offices and State Division of Criminal Investigation are requesting
the public's assistance in identifying the victim of this morning's suspicious
death on Linn-Buchanan County Road, northeast of Walker.

The victim is believed to be a
white or mixed race female, approximately 5'-6" tall, weighing approximately
180-190 pounds, with black hair. 

The victim has a distinctive
tattoo on the back of her right calf that includes a red heart with the word
"MOM", that is contained within a purple star, with green flames coming out of
the top of the star..  The victim also
had an additional heart tattoo on the base of her neck.

 If you can help in identifying
this person, please contact the Linn County Sheriff's Office at (319) 398-3911."

"It did occur in a very remote location in Linn
County," said Linn County Sheriff Brian Gardner. "It occurred literally
on the county line road between Linn and Buchanan Counties and that
particular area is not very well traveled."

Both Sheriff Offices
have joined forces with the State Division of Criminal Investigation.
They hope an autopsy will give them more information Wednesday night or
early Thursday about a woman they know almost nothing about, except for
tattoos on her right calf and near her neck.

"We're not sure what
the identity of this person is," said Sheriff Gardner. "We don't know
cause of injury and at this time we certainly don't know cause of

Just down the road is Walker, Iowa.

It's a community where people say they expect to find dead animals, not people, along their roads.

scary because I got a 16 year old at home," said Pamela Childers. "I
got an 18 year old. I got grand kids. Usually you'd think they'd notice
somebody missing."

"I would have never thought like in a small
town," said Jessica Shea. "I would have thought like Waterloo, Cedar
Rapids. A big city."

A big city Walker is not.

Even though people say today won't drastically change what they do, it won't be a day they'll soon forget.

everybody's so close you know," said Childers. "Usually neighbors look
after neighbors. We're small country. Small town."

The body has
been taken to the state medical examiner in Ankeny for an autopsy.
Investigators are hoping that can fill in some of the blanks.UPDATE: Woman Found Dead on Gravel Road

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