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UI Children's Hospital Groundbreaking

Updated: Friday, June 21 2013, 09:43 PM CDT

Tucked between Kininck Stadium and UIHC, among the dirt and metal - are dreams.


Dreams of a child said saved by a surgeons knife.


"Imagine our new children's hospital one day rising up from that spot," former patient Blake Derby said.


Along with the dreams of parents who lost their greatest dream too soon, like Doug and Robin Wall.


"Drew would have been glad we were here, he would really want us to be part of this day and it's been great," Mrs. Wall said.


The hospital held a 'groundbreaking' for the project on Friday. Engineers promise not only will it be one of the most advanced hospitals, but with parents AND kids giving the input, it will also be the most fun.


"There will be a theater, library, and a place to get ice cream," former patient Bryan LaRue told a crowd gathered at the groundbreaking. LaRue is also on the Children's hospital youth advisory council.


"Although we are sick on our stays at the hospital, we are children, and we get bored," LaRue said.


The impact it will have on patients and parents like the Walls is significant.


"We like to say in the sixteen years he got a lot done," Mrs. Wall said, talking about her son Drew Walls.


Drew fought bravely against cancer in his leg for years.


"Five years almost, and this past November he passed away," Mr. Wall said.


However, he got the chance to give his input into a building that meant so much to him.


"They really spent a lot of time and resources getting it right," Mr. Wall said.


They say the results will make everyone proud.


"Once the foundation is poured, and the walls are built, the ideas and dreams of drew wall will be alive again," LaRue said.

UI Children's Hospital Groundbreaking

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