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Tajh Ross Trial: Day 8

Updated: Friday, July 25 2014, 08:00 AM CDT
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28) -- Call it a tale of two interviews

September, 2012 – The first interview conducted with Tajh Ross, just days after the shooting.

He says when he got to the party that night; a man across the street makes them an offer.

CRPD Investigator - So he tried selling you a gun. What kind of gun was it?

Ross - Just some type of pistol.

Ross says they refused to buy it.

Minutes later, he says he heard shooting, immediately got in a car, and went home.

Investigators say the story didn't add up.

Linn County Attorney Nick Maybanks - Did your investigation reveal that person (selling the gun) was ever there.

Investigator Martin Devore - No

Now fast forward to February 2013. Ross and the four other co-defendants are brought in on charges related to Roundtree's death.

Witnesses say they saw co-defendant Jeremiah Ellis shoot a gun that night, which Ross admits to as well, but then investigators tell him there was a second shooter:

Ross - And who was that?

CRPD Investigator- I think you know who it was.

Ross -No I don't.

CRPD Investigator- Tajh, it was you.

Ross - No it was not.

A statement he denies over and over - until he finally breaks.

Ross -  Alright, I'll tell the truth right now, c’mon, close the door…I did not shoot at the car that day. I shot in the air like this.

Tajh says he was surprised when he found out Latasha was killed.

Just weeks before the shooting, he recalls getting advice from the person he said he considered a little sister.

Ross - She was like 'stay off these streets, it's bad you know'. I was thinking, like, 'that's good advice'

The trial is set to restart Friday morning at 9am. Follow us on twitter at or for updates directly from the courtroom.Tajh Ross Trial: Day 8

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