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Quick Thinking in Solon

Updated: Thursday, July 24 2014, 09:18 PM CDT
SOLON, IA (CBS2/FOX28) – Two Solon men are considered heroes after helping police arrest five suspects at the end of a high speed chase Wednesday night.

Scott Eastwood and Tim Moore got involved after the truck driven by men accused of shooting a gun in Cedar Rapids crashed into Moore’s backyard, destroying his children’s play set.

For Tim and Scott, there was almost no time to think. Right after a speeding pick up passed them by, they saw the suspects running from it so Scott and Tim took off right behind them.

But don’t confuse their quick decision with an easy one.

Moore and Eastwood met up just a few minutes before the quiet city of Solon turned into a scene from a movie. A speeding car, followed by a Linn County Sheriff’s Deputy, jumped the sidewalk and finally stopped in Tim’s garden.

"It went from, 'Hi, how ya doing?' to 'Get 'em,” said Moore.

After a foot chase, Scott and Tim eventually found the suspects just down the road. Tim tricked them into getting into Scott’s truck, asking for their help looking for the suspects that Tim knew he was already talking to.

"As soon as they got in the truck, Scott pulled his gun out, he has a permit to carry, and we backed out in front of the next officer and held them there until he came up and assisted us,” said Moore.

"He was alone when they came up and he didn't have any assistance so I told him that I had my concealed weapon on me so he told me to come back and watch the guys until back up came,” said Eastwood.

Jud Starn is a firearms instructor. He says the decision the pair made to get involved in the first place is a huge one, taking on a lot of personal risk and liability. Jud says when Scott pulled his gun, it makes an already crazy situation even more complicated.

"If you do that, when law enforcement responds, they don't realize that you may be a perfect, great, upstanding citizen, you're adding another variable and another complication to them doing their job,” said Starn.

Even once one officer realizes the men are there to help, each additional officer who responds still assumes everyone is a threat until they can prove otherwise. Still, Jud says it’s nearly impossible to judge after the fact.

"This citizen stepped up, protected his family, helped local law enforcement and acted as he felt was appropriate to the situation,” said Starn.

It wasn’t the night that Scott and Tim were expecting

"I never ever thought that I'd have to use my weapon, ever,” said Eastwood.

But it was the night they got, and Jud says that’s all that matters.

"You can't second guess a gentleman for stepping up and taking care of his family or helping law enforcement,” said Starn.

Jud says once the Sheriff’s Deputy asked Scott for assistance in watching over the suspects, he was protected as long as he acted under the Deputy’s direction. He says it’s still an incredibly dangerous situation that turned out well for Scott, Tim, law enforcement and the rest of the community.
Quick Thinking in Solon

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