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Officials Still Searching For Tuber Who Fell Into Cedar River

Updated: Monday, July 15 2013, 08:42 PM CDT

BLACK HAWK COUNTY, IA (CBS 2/FOX 28)--Officials are still searching for a man who went missing after falling into the Cedar River while tubing yesterday evening.

They say the accident happened about 6:30 p.m. in black hawk park.

Officials had about two hours to search last night before losing daylight.

They were back at it early this morning and this afternoon brought in some special equipment.

A dozen family and friends waited all day at black hawk park waiting for news, any kind of news.

"I'm hoping that they find him on a sandbank or on the side or something and they boat him back here," said friend Crystal Klein.

The man, friends say, is 19 year old Andre Tims of Waterloo.

Officials say the man went tubing with friends, and at some point floated into a brushy area.

That’s when the currents flipped his tube Sunday afternoon, and he went under.

“We have some people that saw him hands come back a couple of times above the river level they went towards where he was at, went down and then they couldn't find him," said Chief deputy Rick Abben of Black Hawk County.

"I know there were five of them and one person jumped in trying to get him but they couldn't grab him. He hit a faster current they said," Klein said.

After a night, and now a day of unsuccessful search efforts, authorities brought in a boat equipped with side-scan sonar.

"We're hoping that he is in that area not too far from where he was last seen and so the sonar will be able to tell us that so that we can continue with the operation," said Chief Abben.

Officials say this is now more a recovery operation than a rescue, but friends say they still have hope.

"I love Andre he's a good friend of mine and I just want him to be safe," said Klein.

Authorities point out this might have been prevented: the victim couldn't swim, and was not wearing a life jacket.

Officials Still Searching For Tuber Who Fell Into Cedar River

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