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McDonald's Warns Customers "No Sagging"

Updated: Friday, October 11 2013, 08:31 AM CDT
DALLAS, TX (WFAA-TV) - If you plan to visit the Golden Arches, better bring a belt.

One local McDonald's franchisee with 25 locations around Dallas is
posting this warning in bold red-and-yellow: "No Sagging Allowed in This

McDonald's corporate headquarters declined to comment for this story.

"We basically in the neighborhood, we were first, said Loquita Record, who runs Record's Bar-B-Q in South Dallas.

Hanging in the front door of her 60-year-old restaurant is a sign reading: "If Saggin, No Service."

She said the warning has been there for two years.

Does it work? Do they have customers with sagging pants who come in and pull them up?

"Yes, we do, Record said.

For the last six years, pulling up sagging pants has been a personal
mission for Dallas City Council member Dwaine Caraway. He says Record's
BBQ and McDonald's are part of trend of other restaurants in southern
Dallas cracking down.

Caraway said the policy, is simply good for business and for hygiene.

"You can let some money chase away the real money, the long-term
money," he said. "And I'm sure McDonald's and other restaurants would
rather sell a hundred hamburgers versus five."

The local franchisee, Parish McDonald's, was not clear on when the signs were first posted, though they say they are not new.

For her part, Record said she like the statement the signs make: Please, show some respect around here.McDonald's Warns Customers "No Sagging"

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